141012F4.Femi-Kuti Afro-beat king, Femi Kuti was pleasantly surprised at the Encomium White Gig when he was honoured for his 4th Grammy awards nomination for his 2013 masterpiece, ‘No Place for My Dream.’ The 51 year-old musician, who was accompanied by his sister, Yeni Kuti and friend, Mallam Abdul Okwechime, didn’t have a clue about what was planned at the event. Days leading to the event -where his citation was read by Executive Director, Tell Magazine, Ademola Oyinlola, former diplomat, polyglot and master of ceremonies, Femi Segun and popular actor and broadcaster, Yemi Sodimu, he was not informed about the Encomium White Gig event. According to sources, the pressure for him to adorn a white ensemble was intense as he ignored all pleas, choosing instead the most colourful attire in his wardrobe. He later acknowledged that if he had been told, he would have complied with the dress code. Full of gratitude for the recognition, Femi Kuti was emotional as he responded to the citation and honour. An interview session, anchored by sister, Yeni Kuti took all by surprise as she quizzed her brother and Afro-beat king, Femi Kuti. With three questions about Femi Kuti’s 4th Grammy awards nomination, Yeni Kuti was turned into a journalist on that evening of fun and pleasure. Decked in white trousers and blouse combo, she was a picture of professionalism and seriousness as she kept a straight face and fired her questions. Guests were enthralled at the chemistry and camaraderie between the children of legend of Afro, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. It was a colourful moment at the six-hour extravaganza, celebrating Encomium’s 16th anniversary, the Christmas party was attended by stars of movies and music, television and comedy, as well as entrepreneurs, professionals and politicos…

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