::Ent.News:: The #‎Muna_party and #‎Jaraba crooner(@idrisProwess) has a public announcement for all his partners and friends in music and he had this to say.

” I was told that names greatly affect ones character and behavior. I also see names as tags that tells you a lot about a person. PROWESS is a name that describes my physical and material ability in terms of skill and courage but fails to project my immaterial self which includes my psychology. A man’s psychology is the DNA of his lifestyle and behavior. For that reason, I have decided to slightly modify my nickname to meet up with the inadequacy of the already known “prowess”. I shall be using the nickname ‘PROWESS ECLECTIC’. The lastname means “a person who derives ideas,style or taste from a broad range of diverse sources”. Its also a name given to a specific set of philosophers in the old days. There will be a lag before the new name is embraced but I believe its worth the modification. It will be used in my songs and other places where prowess was the dominant name. Thanks for the love,care,understanding and support.

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