::Lyrics:: PENTECOSTAL TALE by B.O.C (@bocMadaki) ft. C Man (@conceptfile) (@bhtunesofficial)

*Mr. Black Diary’s Back
*ArtKin Is In The House
*Beehive And Beyond
(C Man)
*It’s C Man
*We Create Music Baby
(C Man)
*I’ve Been Touched By An Angel
*The Message Was Sent Through Angel Gabriel
*Now I’ve Left The Circle Trying Angle(2x)
*I Found A Black Pen In A Black Room
*Smoky Ventilations Blowing Me,It Must Be Crack’s Fume
*Then I Started To Write About….
*…How I Became Friends With The Missing Corpse In The Dark Tomb
*Pentecostal Tales,I’m On A HillTop
*So Order If The Voice Is Heavenly Then I Will Stop…..
*….My Black Dreams And Visions Of Seing The Streets Kill Cops
*Above Angels,Even After Apocalypse I Will Top
*I’m In The Projects But On The Conclusion Page
*A Youth With ‘Bout A Decade Behind The Confusion Age
*So I Ain’t Gonna Sip A Shot Of The 40 40
*Cos It Makes A Man Rely On His Past Glory Story
*Gimme A Stable Stage To Revive This Mule
*We Multiply To Get Stronger But Divide And Rule
*So I’m Building A New Tower Of Babel With Ten Bricks
*Good Kid,Mad City I Control With Kendrick
*I Grew Up A Scarless Warrior With Some Chronic Dots
*We Burn To Open Eyes,Angels With Demonic Thoughts
*Swords Made Of Flames,Word Blades For Names
*Up And Doing Err’day To Afford Grades For Fame
*I’m Out On My Grind My Homie,I’m Outta My Mind Ya Know Me
*Walking The Right Path But If You Think I’m Blind Then Show Me…
*…The Way To The Promised Land,But When You’re Moses Who’s Phero?
*And When You’ve Been Through Hell You’ll Be Like “Who’s Nero?”
*Cos When You Burn Phoenix To Ashes Comes Evolution
*In 24hrs We Bring About Revolution
*And Make Rotation Lasts For 365 Days
*Was Rough Walking Through The Hood Now We Fixed The Right Ways
*The Flow Is Divine,I’ve Been Touched By Immortals…
*…By The Heaven’s Gate,I’ve Never Seen Such Kinda Portal
*So Hurry Up Before We Slam The Door On Who’s Late
*Alphabetical Slaughter,I Prepared What Papoose Ate
(C Man)
*Divine Touch Yea
*I Saw A Blind Vulture
*Coming Closer
*With A Thousand Whispers
*Sending Fire To The Skies
*I’m Kneeling Down Cos It’s Divine
*And There Was Darkness In Its Eyes
*And I’m Covered With Powers From Behind
*I Heard An Om(UuuhuuuuUu)(2x)

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