::Lyrics:: LEGACY – B.O.C (@BOCMadaki @bhtunesofficial)


Have You Ever Seen A Child Without A First Uncle?
Well,My,…..My Son Is One.
Five Aunts,No Uncle And That’s A Sign Of Greatness You Know What I’m Saying!!!

(Sampled Humming)


*At The Age Of 16,A Young Lady Named Patience
*Captured The Heart Of A Young Man Whose Dream Was Step Taking
*2008 Was The Year,I Still Recall
*Regarded As A Fair Player Each Time I Kicked The Ball
*Sometimes We Pick The Call To Be Told That The Weak Will Fall….
*…And The Meek Is All The Earth Wants,Shit This Is Small…
*…Compared To How She Felt When She Became Pregrant
*The Church Wasn’t Happy About It But Nobody Blamed Reverend
*Cos Sex Education In Church Was Left Untaught
*That Wasn’t A Major Topic Except When One Is Caught
*I Knew About The Conception When It’s Two Weeks Old
*But I Never Wanted Abortion,Hate To Do It Cold
*Truth Be Told,I Met This Lady A Virgin
*She Had Dreams Of Becoming A Star In Beauty Peagent
*Her Momma Didn’t Know About The Stuff Till After Three Months
*She Was In School To Further Her Studies For Some Few Months
*Came Back Home And She Was Told About It
*She Called It ‘Bad News’ What My Momma See As Proud Gist
*Considering The Fact That It’s Gonna Be A Blessing
*She Followed Suit And Put Me And Her Daughter Through Some Lessons

(Sampled Humming)

*Listen Son,Daddy Wanna Talk To You For Some Minutes
*You’re Born To Be Great,I’ll Try To Put Your Life In Awesome Image
*2008,Friday November 21st Your Mom Conceived You
*2009,Friday August 14th The World Received You
*I Had You As A Son When I Wasn’t Far From Twenty Years
*Even Though Your Birth Made Me A Star With Plenty Tears
*Grandma’s Praying For Daddy To Be The Next Thing To Blast
*I Promised You A Bicycle If You Perform Best In Your Class
*But Your Teacher Said It’s Quite Awful You Ain’t As Bright As Me
*Then I Told Him With Time You Wouldn’t Wanna Be As Tight As Me
*Cos Even My Best Would Be Something You’ll See As Mediocre
*So I Won’t Blame You If You Boycott Rap To Do The Yoga
*I’ll Just Give You Microphone,Football And Exercise Book
*And Leave You With The Choice To Build Yourself Into The Wise Look
*When I Was 6 I Was The Dullest In My Class
*But At The Age Of 10 I Turnt Every Wall Into Glass
*Seing Through All The Darkest Things That Stood In Front Of Me
*So Do Better For Not Everything Good Is For A G
*So Uncle Moses Is Right To Say You Ain’t Performing Well For Now
*I See You Being Better Than Your Daddy Lemme Tell You How
*Believe In God,Say Less And Listen More
*Don’t Be Impressed By Mere Brightness,Study What Diamonds Glisten For

(Sampled Humming)



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