::Lyrics:: Choice-Lemuel Knight ( @lemuelknight@bhtunesofficial )

(Sampled Voice)


You always gat a choice x2

Yeah the least of sh!t we do

Use your voice and speak the truth 

(Verse One)
About a decade ago I started this rap Journey 

I was all sonk in the rap Game clone me

My own true Fam is about to disown me

My life is on the line only rap is on my mind

I was dead focus ego big bogus 

I started rap crew with my friends from high school 

That was cool we was tryna make the ends

5 young boys tryna live the rap dream

We was full of blood and the rap Game was green

Connect with Mix Master and put some joint out

When I kick a verse they will point the boy out

I understand I gat game and that was real nigger 

I follow blueprint like my rap name Jigga

I never pull back but I wrap around triggers 

I’ve got keep it real but I wanna make figures 

But then I made a choice to connect with real Niggers 
(Repeat Hook)
(Verse Two)
I connect with real Niggers keep my head up

I don’t even realise I was played out

Never victimise I was too sure for doubt 

And I face the whole  Industry  middle finger out

I’ve been around the cycle now pull the trigger back

They tryna shy away and I show this Niggers rap

I know my sh!t rap but they say it’s gangster rap

You will never find real when u stand against the rap

666 when it’s parks upon your abs

Drop your weak rap and it’s classic what they ask

Never lost touch nigger connect to the street 

If bars what you choose drop the word on the street

Stand between lines and connect bars to Rhymes 

They tryna hold us back but they choose to cross the line 

Money on my mind so I activate the grind

Riding the cycles for my Niggers doing time
(Repeat Hook) 
(Verse Three) 
I’ve been on a straight grind never take a bend

They say compromise then we make you trend 

Hell no am so hip hop Like Premo 

Can’t handle fame like the fake alphacino

I still keep it real when I make joint with Cino

We don’t have to Vegas to hit that casino 

I strike bars like Coster real rap is Trino

A blue bar for blues I drop this for Nino
(Repeat Hook) x2



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::Music:: Choice-Lemuel Knight (@lemuelknight @bhtunesofficial)

The Street Legend Lemuel Knight needs no introduction as he’s one of the few keeping up to sane and conscious sound.

The lyrical titan dishes out this bars filled record titled

“Choice” which is off the the “Beehive Salad ” EP.

CHOICE finds LemuelKnight acknowledging the high

regard in which he is held by hip hop fans and friends,

and stating his determination to deliver on their


It’s such a heavy record. Enjoy DOWNLOAD

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received_1268646889851833The Beehive Music Fest (#BMF) is a seminal platform to showcase Bauchi music and culture to the mainstream audiences across the world. The event brought to you by 1micstand in collaboration with Chocolate City. #BMF plans to continue to share the vision to unite and showcase Bauchi worldwide. while Announcing the shows in a statement, Lemuel Knight explained that #BMF is a music concert that will feature the best acts in the Beehive music scene. The shows will take place in the city. “It’s imperative that we continue to show the world what Bauchi is truly about. We are also pioneers in the musical sounds and styles that the commercial industry are now sampling and it’s fantastic that we can finally exhibit this on a global scale”
What’s more?
The non-stop entertainment will include Sales ( with discount).
The Beehive Music Festival, Bauchi.
Date: April 17, 2017
Time: 12pm
Venue: E4 Resort, Opposite Yelwa Police Barracks, Bauchi
Gate: FREE.
Don’t Miss it out!!!

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